Pragmatic Conservative Leadership 

Greg has a longstanding track record of pragmatic leadership. Greg’s leadership and dedication to conservative principles includes serving as the chairman of the New Mexico Right to Life movement as well chairman of the effort to outlaw forcing any employee to join a union against their will.  

Greg is a constitutional conservative who believes in our right to bear arms. Unlike the current leadership in New Mexico, Greg believes the political power belongs with the people not with politicians and more government is not the answer to all our problems. 

Greg believes we need to reform our tax codes here in New Mexico and allow citizens to keep more of their own hard-earned money. Government should have to do more with less, just like the citizens of New Mexico do every day.

COVID-19 and Leadership 

Here’s the truth: The Michelle Lujan Grisham administration cares more about itself than it does the people of New Mexico.  

The Governor cares more about the approval of the far-left elitists than she does for our families and businesses.  Her Covid-19 response proved that.  As the science became clearer, she willfully ignored it and chose power and control over helping the people of New Mexico recover.  Following the “science” morphed into consolidating power.  

The result was thousands of small businesses were shuttered—while big-box stores made record profits. 

Schools were needlessly closed.  Suicides, depression, and abuse cases leapt.  Michelle Lujan Grisham embraced free money over hard work.  These choices continue to hinder our path to recovery as we now have a labor shortage just when businesses are trying to get to their feet.

As a Brigadier General, Greg knows the importance of putting his soldiers first.  He has been a leader in the Army, and as New Mexico’s Governor he will put the people first.  

Greg believes:

  • We must trust our small and medium sized businesses when they say they need regulatory and tax relief.  These smart, risk-taking, and dynamic leaders are trying to build wealth and grow their communities.  We should encourage them, not punish them. 
  • We must trust parents to decide how their children should be educated.  The top-down mandates are crushing parental involvement, teacher morale and our children’s future.  
  • We must trust our local law enforcement and border authorities.  The “defund” movements are ill-advised and dangerous.  And, again, it is the poor and the middle class who will suffer the most as crime and violence increase.

Jobs for New Mexico 

New Mexico has vast wealth and innovative, hardworking people.  Yet, we have all seen the prosperity and growth in our surrounding states and we wonder, “Why not us?”   

The answer is leadership.  We have an elite class that puts its own needs and desires above those of the people.  

As a business owner and financial expert, Greg knows what it takes to build a wealth-producing economy that will benefit all of us.  But, more importantly, he understands how to build an economic structure that will benefit our children and grandchildren for years to come.  

As a General, Greg knows how to bring people together to solve problems.  He understands how to navigate bureaucracies, and how to bring competing interests together toward a greater good.

Greg sees the opportunities before us. New Mexico has a competitive cost of living, a talented population, great Universities, and an amazing quality of life.  

Unfortunately, our tax structure and our political culture make us a nonstarter to many business owners looking to start or relocate their business.  Thus, those who want desperately to give are told to stay home and let government take care of everything.

As Governor Greg will work tirelessly to break the economic chains that hold us back.  And He will stand up for New Mexico when the Biden Administration comes in and tries eliminating good paying oil and gas jobs. We must encourage and protect our current jobs.  But we must be mindful of the future.  

Artificial Intelligence, block chain, micromachinery, nanotech, and quantum computing are all on our doorstep.  Yet, our current economic plan revolves around casinos, weed, and personal injury attorneys.  

We need a Governor who is willing to think boldly and lead decisively. Greg will be that Governor. 

Education—The ABC’s

We all know New Mexico ranks last in education.  Yet, we pour billions of dollars into it every year.  How do we fix it?

  • A = Accountability
    • We have things turned upside down.  New Mexico’s top-down approach favors politicians, bureaucrats, unions, and administrators.  Teachers, parents, and children are at the bottom of the food chain.  The money must follow the children.  The power should flow from the bottom up.  
  • B = Bureaucracy
    • The educational bureaucracy is too big, it siphons money from the classroom and stifles creativity and critical thinking skills. It promotes indoctrination over education.  We need safeguards around our education funding to ensure money is getting to classrooms and students not lining the pockets of bureaucrats. 
  • C = Children First 
    • We need to create a kids first mentality when it comes to education. Too often, policies are created to protect the power structure of the ruling class not making sure our children have every opportunity to succeed. More competition and a flourishing public charter school program will give kids and parents the tools they need to succeed. 

The failings of our current Governor and education system were all exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Governor turned her back on New Mexico’s children and parents to score political points.  The New York Times might have loved her lockdowns, but thousands of students dropped out and parent’s lives (and livelihoods) were decimated.  As your Governor Greg will always put the interests of New Mexico’s children and parents ahead of politics. 

Parents deserve and desire options. And creative entrepreneurial educators are eager to fill the need.  We must increase the charter school options and lower the obstacles to entry.  

Trade school options have long been talked about— but woefully implemented.  The centralized formulas are not working.  And “trades” are no longer solely defined by electrical, plumbing, mechanics, etc.  There are high-tech trades that do not require a college education.  

Education Savings Accounts are part of the solution.  ESA’s give parents more control over how those education dollars are spent.  I believe parents know their children’s strengths and weaknesses better than any bureaucrat in Santa Fe.  I trust parents to help direct their children to schools that fit their strengths.  But we must give these families options.

Ultimately, a solid education system ties into economic competitiveness and growth.  The end goal is obvious…brings good jobs to our state. For New Mexico to rise, an excellent education system is key.

Keeping New Mexico families safe. 

According to the United Health Foundation, New Mexico is the second worst state in the Country when it comes to violent crime. 

This must improve.  The principal role of government is to protect the people.  

  • For our children to thrive they must feel safe. 
  • For New Mexico’s economy to grow we must get crime under control. 
  • We can pour billions into our education (or economic development), but if teachers, business owners, parents, and children do not feel safe, we will become Baltimore or Chicago.  

We must provide our law enforcement officers the resources and training they need to reduce violent crime in our communities 

We must also get the crisis on our southern border under control. New Mexico was built by immigrants, and we all love our rich culture.  But it is too easy for those wanting to hurt New Mexicans to illegally cross our borders.   The result is people don’t feel safe in our cities.  And the damage done to our farmers and ranchers in rural New Mexico has been ignored for far too long.